Giving Up

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Harsh reality is that
I never really was living
Just longing for warm memories of the past and wishing
That I had a chance to shake things up
Right the wrongs, adjust my projection
And reach for a star-studded upcoming

But that dream was never going to materialize
As long as I continued to act as pillars
Supporting glass ceilings that were built for me and now
I’m tired of peering through the window
That I’ve been fogging up over heartbreak after heartbreak
Each time I watched that glass become reinforced

I’m giving up the reach for those white fluffy clouds
And leaving the window for someone else to clean
Letting go of the looking up and now
I’ve got nowhere to go but forward




Musician & writer in LOKELLA. Pen-yielding page scratcher.

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Jennifer Lyn Bartlett

Jennifer Lyn Bartlett

Musician & writer in LOKELLA. Pen-yielding page scratcher.

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